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Supplied Equipment

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH representative office in Uzbekistan have been successfully supplying the equipment for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industry branches for more than 10 years.

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH
Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH

ENCE GmbH provides an optimal selection, design and assembly of the equipment, executes commissioning, warranty and after-sales services, our specialists render the technical assistance and offer modern engineering solutions of XXI century.

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH

Our engineering company also offers a new, little known in CIS, innovative energy saving equipment, which is already implemented in various industries of the developed countries with superprofitable results. One of these innovative methods is the alternative energy generation by means of energy units. The advantages of this method are high efficiency coefficient (up to 95%), short payback, high energy saving level, low prime cost of the generated energy, no high installation costs, no noise or vibration, compact size, generated energy ecological compatibility.

Energy units can use several kinds of fuels: natural gas, propane, diesel fuel, methanol, pure hydrogen. There are big class units over 1 MW, medium class units up to 1 MW, small class units up to 50 kW, as well as portable class units.

These units can be mounted under any weather conditions, without a special superstrong bed. Due to the expected raise in fuel rates and development of environmental standards, company ENCE GmbH will move forward the innovation methods to the CIS market in order to enable its customers to have the contemporary competitive products.

Other comprehensive projects of ENCE GmbH are the following:

  • Gas cleaning and dewatering systems
  • Gas processing integrated plants
  • Gas-gasoline processing plants
  • Hydrogen sulfide utilization
  • Oil and diesel fuel dewaxing units
  • Oil-slime processing systems
  • Diesel fuel production of polymeric waste
  • Hydrocarbon light ends trapping process line
  • Hermetical systems of oil transfer, discharge, and dispensing
  • Industrial waste-water purification systems for petroleum refineries and gas processing plants

Thanks to serious and qualified approach of ENCE GmbH company to its projects, great experience of cooperation with many enterprises in CIS market, and systematic individual work with every customer, today we have close contacts with numerous of enterprises and plants of various industry branches.

Our company has concluded long-term and exclusive agreements with many manufacturers, some of them are:

Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan)

Manufacturer of the reliable centrifugal corrosion-proof, single-stage and multi-stage pumps with high head and efficiency. Generally the centrifugal pumps are used in petroleum refining industry under heavy-duty conditions (API 610). Shin Nippon Machinery is also a world pioneer of steam turbine production.

Pump performance:
Operating pressure: up to 410 atm
Capacity: up to 11320 m3/h
Turbine performance:
Steam pressure: 67 bar (max)
Temperature: 540°C (max)
Power efficiency: 50000 kW
Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan)< Shin Nippon Machinery (Japan)<

Glandless pumps

Glandless pumps

Which can be used for pumping of corrosive and toxic suspensions, hot oils, and various liquids. Company has been producing pumps for more than 40 years and has a reputation as a producer of reliable and long-lasting equipment.

Capacity: up to 2400 m3/h, head up to 750 m
Temperature of medium: -200… +450°C
Implosion protection acc. to АТЕХ.
International certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)

Manufacturer of high pressure plunger pumps type FG 250-25/25, and spare parts. These pumps are widely applicable in sealing oil systems of ammonia producing compressors.

Main characteristics:

high pressure – 90 l/min
low pressure – 196 l/min

Discharge pressure:
high pressure – 31.4 MPa
low pressure – 15.7 MPa

Shaft rotation speed: 1450 rpm

Manufacturer of corrosion-proof centrifugal pumps

Pump versions:

  • Horizontal / vertical pumps
  • Single-stage / multi-stage pumps
  • Pumps with magnetic clutches
  • Propeller pumps

Head: up to 2500 m; Capacity: up to 7000 m3/h

Manufacturer of corrosion-proof centrifugal pumps Manufacturer of corrosion-proof centrifugal pumps Manufacturer of corrosion-proof centrifugal pumps

Manufacturer of complex units and plunger pumps

Manufacturer of complex units and plunger pumps

For neutral and corrosive mediums. These plunger pumps with high reliability, usability and good workmanship are exclusively offered by company ENCE GmbH. The pumps are used for transferring of water solutions, wastes, crude oil, condensed gas, methanol, ammonia, carbamide and etc.

Pump performance:
Capacity: up to 200 m3/h
Discharge pressure: up to 350 bar

Our company offers a wide range of plunger pumps:

Radial plunger pump
Capacity: 60 (m3/h)
Discharge pressure: 450 (bar)

Manufacturer of complex units and plunger pumps

Constant volume plunger pump
Capacity:72 (m3/h)
Discharge pressure: 1000 (bar)

Triplex plunger pump
Capacity: 180 (m3/h)
Discharge pressure: 1000 (bar)

Manufacturer of complex units and plunger pumps

Variable flow plunger pump
Capacity: 23 (m3/h)
Discharge pressure: 420 (bar)

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH

HAUKE-MP GmbH (Austria/Germany)

Manufacturer of plunger and membrane dosing pumps

Technical data:
Capacity: min: 0.25 / max: 70000 l/h

Company ENCE GmbH offers the following types of plunger and membrane dosing pumps by HAUKE-MP GmbH production:

Plunger pump type PIM L (HAUKE-MP GmbH)
Plunger dosing pump PIM L
Membrane dosing pump PIM LM
Capacity: 0 – 800 l/h
Discharge pressure: 644 bar

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH

Plunger pump type PIM P (HAUKE-MP GmbH)
Plunger dosing pump
Membrane dosing pump
Capacity: 0 – 5200 l/h
Discharge pressure: 1674 bar

Triplicate dosing plunger pump type PIM G (HAUKE-MP GmbH)
Capacity: 0 – 20000 l/h
Discharge pressure: up to 2918 bar

Qualified specialists of ENCE GmbH

Dosing pump type PIM M (HAUKE-MP GmbH)
Plunger dosing pump
Membrane dosing pump
Capacity: 0 – 8600 l/h
Discharge pressure: 2918 bar

WOMA (Germany)

Manufacturer of ultrahigh pressure plunger pumps for cleaning, stripping, rust removal, and cutting. Portable versions of the plunger pumps are also available.

Technical data:
Operating pressure: max 7000 bar
Capacity: max 3000 l/min

SUNDSTRAND Corporation (SUNDYNE) high pressure pumps and gas compressors

SUNDYNE high pressure pumps and gas compressors

Company ENCE GmbH offers high pressure pumps with operating pressure 200 bar and capacity 250 m3/h, gas compressors with operating pressure 100 bar and capacity 17 000 Nm3/h by SUNDSTRAND Corporation (SUNDYNE). Our Company has an exclusive agreement with SUNDSTRAND Corporation (SUNDYNE) for delivery its products to Uzbekistan market.

Pump series Flow to Head to RPM Max. engine power Max. case working pressure Max. suction pressure Temperature range
LMV-802 34 m3/h 64 m 1450 and 2960 37 kW 101 bar 42 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV-806 86 m3/h 232 m 1450 and 2960 55 kW 50 bar 39 bar -40° to 175°С
LMV-801 86 m3/h 219 m 1450 and 2960 55 kW 152 bar 70 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV-322 52 m3/h 915 m 5000 - 14200 37 kW 101 bar 32 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV/BMP -311 91 m3/h 1921 m 4800 - 23700 150 kW 152 bar 70 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV/BMP -331 91 m3/h 1921 m 9400 - 23800 315 kW 152 bar 70 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV/313 236 m3/h 546 m 4800 - 12800 150 kW 101 bar 35 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV-333 227 m3/h 915 m 8800 - 12900 315 kW 101 bar 35 bar -130° to 340°С
LMV/BMP -341 91 m3/h 1921 m 9853 - 25000 315 kW 152 bar 35 bar -130° to 340°С
BMP-338 250 m3/h 854 m 8800 - 12900 315 kW 101 bar 35 bar -130° to 340°С

Model Flow m3/h Head m Max. Power
Speed, rpm Stages Max. working pressure Max. suction pressure Temperature range
Р-1500 7,5 396 7,5 to 35000 1 70 bar 9/14 bar -46° to 179°С
Р-2000 41 792 45 to 14700 1 105 bar 18 bar -46° to 179°С
Р-3000 114 1280 184 to 17500 1 152 bar 25 bar -46° to 177°C

Reservoir pressure maintenance plants

Our company is ready to work out all your inquiries in details for reservoir pressure maintenance plants (API 610, ISO 9001), as well as to supply and assemble such a plant, and provide after-sale technical support.

Operating parameters and materials of the reservoir pressure maintenance plants:

Outlet pressure – up to 410 bar Iron-chromium corrosion-resistant steel
Inlet pressure – 0.2 bar Duplex steel
Capacity – 2500 m3/h Chrome-nickel stainless steel
Electric motor supply voltage – 380V, 690V, 6000V Cast iron
Electric motor protection class – IP-55 Special-property alloys

Reservoir pressure maintenance plants Reservoir pressure maintenance plants

Here you can find more detailed information about reservoir pressure maintenance plants.

WARMAN Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

WARMAN Centrifugal horizontal slurry pumps

Slurry pump G series

Flow: 36 - 5040 (m3/h)
Head: 5 - 80 (m)

Slurry pump L series

Flow: 3 - 13860 (m3/h)
Head: 4 - 60 (m)

Slurry pump ZGB series

Flow: 50 - 1919 (m3/h)
Head: 25 - 94 (m)

Slurry pump М, АН series

Flow: 4 – 5400 (m3/h)
Head: 5 - 118 (m)

WARMAN Centrifugal vertical slurry pumps

Vertical slurry pump SP series

Flow: 17 - 1267 (m3/h)
Head: 4 - 40 (m)

Vertical slurry pump AF series

Flow: 40 - 595 (m3/h)
Head: up to 20 (m)

Water Desalination Plants

Company ENCE GmbH executes the orders for delivery of water desalination plants on turnkey terms. The water desalination plants are intended for desalination of the sea water and its subsequent purification for the drinking purposes.

Technical characteristics: Capacity – 5000 m3/h, desalination rate – 99.5%

Plant assembly: 1. Water reservoir. 2. Membrane blocks. 3. UV-disinfection chamber. 4. Instrumentation and accessories. 5. Plant container. 6. Vertical transfer pump + standby pump. 7. Antiscaling system.

Stainless steel material, automatic operation, installation inside the container, supplied as integrated assembly.

Example of a water desalination plant:

Water desalination plant capacity is 500 m³ per day.
The plant is installed in two 40-ft containers; first container is for sea water pretreatment and the second one is for microfiltration and reverse osmosis.

Solids removal filter, 2 pcs; residual chlorine removal filter, 2 pcs.
Reverse osmosis membranes – 6 vessels with 6 membranes in each one.
Restoring coefficient: 50%.

Production generator sets

Cogenerators: Power: 10 kW – 8 MW; Electric power: AC 3 / 50Hz / 380V / 6kV / 10kV.
Diesel-electric engines: Power: 2 kW – 3 MW; Electric power: AC 3 / 50Hz / 380V / 6kV / 10kV.
Petroleum gas generators: Power: 10 kW – 8 MW; Electric power: AC 3 / 50Hz / 380V / 6kV / 10kV.


Company ENCE GmbH offers calculation and selection of the turbo-expanders, what have complete certification in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Operation parameters of the turbo-expanders:


Coefficient of efficiency: to 90%
Power: 50000 kW
Capacity: to 60 mln.m3/day
Input temperature: from -196°С
Input pressure: to 150 atm

Types of turbo-expanders (different shaft seal systems, magnetic bearings, oil bearings are available):

Expander with hydro-brake is for small refrigerating capacity.

Expander-compressors are widely used in various industries for cold generation and process gas pressure increase.

Expander-generators are used for energy and cold generation in special technological devices, at gas-distributing stations for compressed gas energy utilization.

Application range: energy sector, petrochemistry, refineries, natural gas processing; oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen generation processes.


Incinerators are meant for utilization of toxic and hazardous biological, petrochemical wastes, liquid oil-slime.

The main advantages of incinerators application are:

  1. Easy and safe operation
  2. On-site waste utilization
  3. Reduction of wastes up to 95%
  4. Effective gas-cleaning system
  5. Biosafety
  6. Wide range of burnt wastes

Alarm and fire-fighting systems

Company ENCE GmbH closely cooperates with international manufacturers of alarm and fire-fighting systems. Engineering of these systems is made by the key specialists of our company, who have wide experience in this area. Our engineers can provide monitoring of all information and all operation of such systems to the customer’s personal computer.

Company ENCE GmbH offers fire-control units, foam-/gas-/water-/powder-type fire-extinguishing units, and wide range of alarm systems.

Application range: A, B, C class fire extinguishing in closed spaces, bank vaults, in the open territory in windy conditions; protection of electrical equipment, units under tension in the warehouses, offices, etc.

Refractory materials

Company ENCE GmbH supplies materials for gunning with low/ultralow content of high flowable cement and refractories. Our company is ready to render comprehensive assistance on construction, engineering, installation of various refractory materials. We offer fire bricks, fusion-cast refractories, refractories without cement content; concrete, insulation materials, ceramic fiber modules, low bioresistance insulation fibers, volume fiber and etc.

Application range:

  • Ferrous metallurgy
  • Nonferrous metallurgy
  • Cement industry
  • Incineration refractories
refractory materials refractory materials

Features and advantages of the refractory materials provided by ENCE GmbH company:

refractory materials

Insulation fiber: excellent heat resistance, soft fibrous surface, no degassing, flexible material, easy for cutting and shaping.

Insulation fire bricks: maximal porosity, closed air cavities – best insulation, smaller closed air cavities – more complicated way of heat flux, high resistance to heat flux, light weight – minimal heat accumulation. Self-maintained fire bricks can be cut easily, and have the highest strength/density ratio.

Cement: low content of fusing agents, dense closed structure, improved resistance, easy mounting, high strength and durability, small porosity.

Volume fiber: long spongy fiber for sealing, contents no binding or corroding agents. Paper made of fiber with low organic binder content, is very elastic, rupture resistant, easy for use.

refractory materials refractory materials refractory materials

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Company ENCE GmbH delivers the high-power uninterruptible power supply systems and frequency converters to the CIS oil-and gas enterprises, for quality and stable power supply.

Our UPS systems range is 3 kVA to 800 kVA.

We offer rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters, DC converters, contactless commutators, special made power electronics, household current changers, waterproof converters, etc.


Input Voltage 220/380 VAC ±20% 3 phase + neutral
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Protection Current restriction for each phase on redresor input (In x 1.5) + Fuse
Input power factor 0,8 standard with 6 pulse / 0,95 optional with 12 pulse and filter
Output Voltage 220/380 VAC ± 1% 3 phase + neutral
Frequency 50 Hz ± 0,1% (working from battery), 50 Hz ± 1% (synchronized with the mains)
Efficiency >85% inverter,
>97% Eco-Mode
>87% inverter >90% inverter,
>97% Eco-Mode


Input Voltage 115/200 VAC ± 10%, 220/380 VAC ± 10%, 254/440 VAC ± 10%
3 phase + neutral (neutral, input voltage optional)
Frequency 50 – 60 – 400 Гц ± 5% (input frequency optional)
Protection Current restriction for each phase on redressor input (In x 1.5) + Fuse
Input power factor >0.85 (6 pulse standard)
>0.88 (12 pulse optional)
>0.99 (PFC technology optional)
Output Voltage 115/200 VAC ± 1%, 220/380 VAC ± 1%, 254/440 VAC ± 1%
3 phase + neutral (neutral, output voltage optional)
Frequency 50 Гц ± 0,5%, 60 Гц ± 0,5%, 400 Гц ± 0,5% (output frequency optional)
Efficiency >91% >92% >93% >94%

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
10—30 kVA
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
80—100 kVA
uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
200 kVA
Length = 500
Width = 620
Height = 1150
Length = 800
Width = 800
Height = 1500
Length = 1300
Width = 800
Height = 1900


IT-specialists together with technical experts of our company have designed a special site about valves:

Flow and control head for oil and gas production

Specification API SPEC 6A

Nominal operating pressure 2000-20000 PSI
Nominal operating temperature K, L, P, R, S, T, U, V
Material class AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Technical conditions level PSL 1 – PSL 4
Technical requirements level РН1, РН2
Medium Oil, natural gas

Cast steel plug valve

150/300/600/900 lb
Applicable standards:
Steel plug valves, API 599 / API 6D
Steel plug valves, ISO 14313
Fire safety, API 607

Globe valve

Check valve

check valve

Ball valve

Steel ball valves are designed and produced to provide maximum service life and reliability. All ball valves are full ported and meet the requirements of API 608 and API 6D standards.

Standard materials of body and bonnet include low alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Ball valve types:

  • Floating forge steel ball valve
  • Floating cast steel ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted forge steel ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted cast steel ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted reduced bore ball valve
  • Top entry ball valve
  • Top split ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve

Gate valve

  • Gas gate valve (150 lb / 300 lb)
  • Double block and bleed valve
  • Forge steel gate valve (800 lb)
  • Pressure seal forge steel gate valve (900 lb / 1500 lb / 2500 lb)
  • Cast steel gate valve
  • Pressure seal cast steel gate valve
  • Parallel double-disk gate valve (150 lb / 300 lb)
  • Cryogenic gate valve (150 lb / 300 lb / 600 lb)
  • Flat gate valve
  • Expanding gate valve (600 lb / 900 lb)

FLENDER Reducers

Parallel-shaft reducer:
Power: 6 - 4500 kW
Torque: 870000 НМ
Gear ratio: 1 - 450
Horizontal and vertical versions
Number of gears: 1-4

Two-stage right-angle reducer:
Power: 6 - 4500 kW
Torque: 870000 НМ
Gear ratio: 1 - 450
Horizontal and vertical versions
Number of gears: 1-4

Epicyclic gearbox:
Power: 30 - 13000 kW
Torque: 22000 - 2600000 НМ
Gear ratio: 25 - 4000

Worm reducer:
Power: up to 800 kW
Torque: 22000 - 360000 НМ
Gear ratio: 5 - 4600

Filter elements

ENCE GmbH company supplies filter elements and self cleaning filters.

Standard mesh hydraulic filters:
Horizontal/vertical version, welding/flange mounting
Materials: alloys/carbon steels/stainless steels

Technical data: Filtering degree is 50 μm - 5 mm

Hydraulic automatic filters:
Duplex automatic filtration, tabulating automatic filtration
Materials: alloys/carbon steels/stainless steels

Technical data: Filtering degree is up to 20 μm

In case of any technical troubles, the highly skilled specialists of ENCE GmbH are always ready to render you competent technical assistance!

the highly skilled specialists of ENCE GmbH

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