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Metallurgy of Uzbekistan is a factor of development and stability

In the current year Swiss company ENCE GmbH also will modernize the sort-rolling production to the amount of about 5 million US Dollars. The furnace of section mill No.2 will be reconstructed within the limits of this project. Realization of the project will reduce power inputs for steel blanks heating by 50% and environmental load almost by 30%. New technologies in this project will reduce natural gas consumption approximately to 10 thousand m3 per day, will reduce prime cost, and as a result economic benefit will be about 600 thousand US Dollars per year. Analysts of "AFS-Research" consider that successful functioning of metallurgical branch of Uzbekistan is an important factor of stability of our economy in conditions of world economic crisis as provides its diversification, creates new workplaces and fills up gold and exchange currency reserves of our country.

Article is prepared on the basis of the report of investment company "AFS-Research".

By Regunm


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