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Assembly and Commissioning of DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners

17 January 2017, Tashkent

In January 2017 our company has finished assembly of full set of 260 vertical burners as well as flame fine adjustment in reforming furnace at Fargonaazot JSC (Ferghana).


The assembly of the burners was completed by skilled professionals of ENCE GmbH company in record-breaking short time – for 10 days. Before starting the unit, each burner was tested for leaks.

2. Assembly of DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners

Training courses for safety and efficient operation of the burners were conducted for the plant personnel. Gilles Theis, the Chief Engineer of John Zink International Luxembourg Sarl, assisted in these training courses.

3. Training courses for plant personnel

4. Training courses for plant personnel

5. Burner tiles, tips, and tubes in reformer (bottom view)

6. Burner operation after flame fine adjustment (Ferghana).

7. Burner operation after flame fine adjustment (Ferghana).

After the unit startup the flame of the reformer was adjusted with the use of mobile computed flue gas composition analyzer.

8. DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners commissioning (Ferghana).

9. DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners commissioning (Ferghana).

10. DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners commissioning (Ferghana).

11. DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners commissioning (Ferghana).

12. DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners commissioning (Ferghana).

The target parameters were achieved in the course of commissioning: low NOx and CO emission, low exhaust oxygen level (2% max), stable flame, etc.


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